Chic And Crafty: Handmade Delights For Wedding Celebrations

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You’ve heard the phrase “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” But what about handmade? When you’re planning a wedding, get creative with personalized decorations and DIY projects that can make your day all the more special.

Planning Before Crafting

Before you get started on any of your projects, it’s important to develop a realistic timeline. Begin your wedding planning early, and account for any delays that may occur in shipping supplies or incredients. Get creative with your decorations and projects, but build in plenty of time to ensure they can be completed stress-free.

From the Beginning

Putting your own stamp on your special day starts before you even arrive to the ceremony. Why not welcome your guests with a personalized sign in the entranceway? Write guests’ names on colorful chalkboards or etch them into custom wood signs. It’s a small touch that can make a big impact.

Table Decorations to Impress

Table decorations are a great way to transform your reception hall into a colorful paradise. Tint any glass jars with undiluted food coloring. Once dried, fill the jars with flowers and enhance with personalized labels. Or craft paper lanterns with celebratory sayings scattered across the room. Don’t forget to bring the theme to the dinner tables. Create custom place cards to set the tone and impress your guests.

Florals Galore

Your bouquet and flower arrangements don’t have to be typical. Get creative with the types of flowers you choose. Consider Spanish moss for outside ceremonies, and paper-flower mixtures to create a unique arrangement. Add vintage brooches or lace to create a timeless bouquet. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t Forget the Favors

Your wedding favors don’t have to be generic. From homemade jam or chocolate truffles to infused oils or mixed herbs, your gifts can be as creative as you are. Get inspired designing the packaging with hand-crafted labels and tags. Embellish any container with ribbons to complete the look.

Your special day is a chance to be creative. Incorporate handmade projects to make it the most memorable day for you and your guests. Put in the effort for a unique experience, and enjoy saying “I did it myself!” at the end of it all.