Partner Pilates: Fitness Routines For Couples On The Path To Marriage

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Celebrating marriage is the perfect time to commit to each other, and couples on the path to marriage should also commit to prioritizing each other’s physical, mental and emotional health along the way. Partner Pilates is a great way to bring couples closer and challenging ways to stay in shape during the busy bridal season.

Partner Pilates is a unique way to explore Pilates, as a couple. Partner Pilates often includes traditional Pilates exercise with a creative twist. For instance, one of the most popular partner Pilates exercises is the “Partner Saw,” which requires two people to stand face-to-face and hold hands. With the other pair of hands, each partner must reach around the other person’s back and reach up into a yoga wheel pose. Other exercises focus on strength and flexibility, like shoulder rolls, planks, and sit-ups.

For those just getting started with Partner Pilates, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t need to be super strong or extremely flexible. The goal is not to outshine each other with your moves, but to support each other while increasing focus and concentration.

When done correctly, Partner Pilates can have many mental and physical benefits for both partners, including posture alignment, pain relief, increased flexibility, improved balance, and enhanced coordination. Not to mention there are emotional benefits too! It is often said that the challenge of doing something new, with your partner by your side, often helps to bring couples even closer together.

Partner Pilates provides a great opportunity for couples to become fitter and more active on their path to marriage. With the guidance of a certified Pilates instructor, couples can make sure they are doing the exercises properly and getting the maximum benefits. Plus, the instructor can also provide ongoing motivation to keep them on track!