Sustainable Say ‘I Do’: Nurturing Nature In Your Nuptials

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Sustainable Say “I Do”: Nurturing Nature in Your Nuptials

At Sustainable Say “I Do”, we believe that beautiful weddings should not have to cost the earth. We take pride in helping couples to celebrate their big day close to nature in a way that respects and celebrates the natural world. As conscious couples plan their wedding and look for ways to nurture nature, there are plenty of ways to keep their wedding eco-friendly.

Choose Natural Venues & Outdoor Experiences

When it comes to selecting the ideal wedding location, don’t be afraid to go outside the box! A natural event space provides your wedding with a beautiful, natural backdrop and is also a great way to save on costs. Consider outdoor venues such as beach parks, national forests and gardens where you can have your ceremony and reception outdoors without worrying about negatively impacting the land. For some added excitement, consider setting up fun outdoor experiences, such as a horse-drawn carriage for transport, or renting a yurt, teepee or mountain cabin for a unique experience.

Choose Eco-Friendly Catering

When planning your menu, strive for fresh and organic ingredients with an eye to animal welfare and the environment. Consider organic, local or socially-responsible caterers, or make the most of your catering choices if your venue is a local restaurant or pub. Many venues are reducing food waste and using eco-friendly packaging and equipment, and you can do your part by requesting these options for your big day. Consider sustainable dishes, such as bulk salads and vegetarian meals.

Opt for Low-Waste Goods & Services

Make the most of the wedding goods and services you buy to reduce your environmental impact. Request eco-friendly, low-waste paper products, such as recycled paper, and you can further reduce your footprint by going digital with your invites and reminders to your guests. Where possible, opt for locally-sourced materials and use secondhand materials to create decorations and accessories. For your wedding rings, consider sustainably-made rings to reduce the harm to the environment.

Go Green with Your Gifts

Minimise the waste created when gifting your guests by opting for eco-friendly wedding favours, such as organic seeds or plants, as well as reusable items, such as tumblers or tote bags. You can also ask your guests to give donations to green charities in lieu of wedding gifts.

If you’d like to nurture nature while giving your wedding that extra special touch, then take a look at our selection of sustainable wedding packages and find the one that’s perfect for you and your loved one. With our commitment to being eco-conscious, we can help you create a truly memorable, sustainable wedding experience.