Paper Petals And Lace: Elegant DIY Wedding Crafts

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Planning your wedding can be a daunting task. With so many details to consider, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. DIY projects are one solution to help take some of the stress out of wedding planning. From paper petals to lace bands, here are some elegant DIY projects that are perfect for your big day.

Paper Petal Bouquets

A unique and affordable alternative to real flowers, paper petal bouquets add a punch of color and texture to any wedding. Whether they’re scattered down the aisle or used as centerpieces, these stunning faux flower creations are sure to impress. To make the flower heads, you’ll need colorful construction paper, scissors and glue. Start by cutting the paper into petal shapes, then glue them together, stacking them larger petals on bottom. Once you have your flower heads complete, tie them into a bouquet with a bit of string or ribbon.

Burlap and Lace Banner

A burlap and lace banner is a great way to decorate your reception space. To make, you’ll need strips of burlap, lace (or a pretty trim) and pins. Cut the strips into slightly wider than necessary for ease in tying the banner, then pin the sides together using the lace or trim. Attach a piece of lace or ribbon to the top for hanging, then hang the banner wherever you like. Burlap and lace offer a rustic charm and can be used to decorate just about any area.

Lace Bands

A delicate and elegant way to decorate your chairs, lace bands add a special touch to your reception. For a truly unique look, use purple or pink lace for a hint of color. Tie the bands around the back of the chairs for a sweet surprise your guests will remember. To make, measure the amount of lace or trim needed, then cut and tie together with a pretty ribbon or bow.

These are just a few of the simple yet stunning DIY wedding crafts that can easily be completed with little to no effort. From burlap and lace banners to paper petal bouquets, these projects are sure to give your special day that extra bit of sparkle.