Vintage Vows: DIY Crafts For A Nostalgic Wedding

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Vintage-Inspired Centrepieces

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be uniquely special. If you and your partner share a love of all things vintage, why not make your wedding a modern-day throwback and plan an old-fashioned or vintage-inspired ceremony and reception? Comfortably combine old and new with DIY vintage crafts to create a timeless celebration.

To get you started, here are a few ideas to help you craft your own vintage wedding with a few DIY projects.

Create Timeless Invitations

Make your first impression a classic one with vintage-inspired invitations. Look to old project books from the early to mid-1900s for inspiration, such as McCall’s Needlework and Crafts. Incorporate traditional fonts and eras-old floral patterns on your invitations to give guests the right impression of your upcoming event.

Craft a Special Guestbook

Create a special guestbook for your wedding by binding together an old book. Look for a used book with delicate paper, yellowed edges, and an aged look. Give it an extra touch of nostalgia by adding vintage-looking paper, lace, and thin chili-colored ribbons or twine.

Set a Themed Table

Bring vintage charm to your reception with centrepieces and decorations that give a nod to the past. You don’t need to fill every table with old antiques – start with a few carefully chosen items and go from there. Include antique postcards, vintage glass containers, and books with gold bindings to bring a touch of grace and old-world charm.

Make Your Own Favours

Instead of store-bought bonbons for your wedding favours, get down to crafty business and make your own. Create traditional treat tins filled with sweet pastel-colored candies to give guests a blast from the past. Others may include old-style paper fans or handkerchiefs as vintage-inspired wedding favours.

Serve Vintage Drinks

Make sure your wedding menu includes some classic drinks to fit your vintage theme. Serve classic cocktails such as Mint Juleps, old-fashioned Lemonades, and Champagne cocktails. Or offer a selection of vintage beers to honour the past.

Creating your own vintage wedding can be both fun and economical. With a little bit of planning and effort, you can easily put together an event that celebrates old-fashioned values and timeless style. So why not take a few steps back and incorporate some classic traditions into your special day?