Blooms With A Conscience: Eco-Friendly Floral Arrangements For Weddings

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When it comes to creating the idyllic setting for your special day, anything but eco-friendly floral arrangements just won’t do. With the right know-how, however, you can create stunning floral arrangements for your wedding while still remaining conscious of the environment.

Ethically Sourced Blooms

The first step to creating eco-friendly floral arrangements is to choose blooms that are ethically sourced. You’ll want flowers from a local florist that carries bouquets that are certified organic, sustainably grown, or grown with minimal use of chemicals or pesticides. If ordering online, reputable companies like Organic Bouquet offer a wide selection of fresh, air-shipped eco-friendly blooms.

Green Decorations

When shopping for decorative items to complement your floral arrangements, try to select items with minimal environmental impact. This might include items made of recycled paper, bamboo, or other renewable materials. You can also opt for decorations such as unbleached cotton ribbons or jute twine. For environmentally friendly party favors, many online stores sell gift bags and favors made from recycled paper, vegetable dyes, and reusable, biodegradable materials.

Reusable Designs

When designing your floral arrangements for the big day, be mindful of how the arrangements will look. Choose styles that will be easy to repurpose after the ceremony. A great way to do this is to opt for arrangements that can be reused throughout the reception, such as centerpieces and smaller arrangements that can be easily moved to other areas of the venue. Additionally, select in-season flowers and plants to reduce the environmental impact associated with shipping and artificial climate control.

Compostable Alternatives

Finally, choosing eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to your floral arrangements doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the aesthetics. For a truly unique design, consider using elements such as branches, twigs, and wood slices as part of the displays. This not only creates a beautiful, rustic look, but also provides natural elements that can later be composted or reused for future projects.

With just a bit of creativity and some eco-friendly alternatives, you can create wonderful floral arrangements for your wedding that are sure to make your guests smile. Go green with your flower selections, and create a truly unique day filled with blooms and a conscience.