Floral Fantasia: Craft Your Garden-Inspired Wedding Decor

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When it comes to wedding décor, few themes capture the imagination quite like a garden-inspired celebration. From quaint fairy lights to gorgeous, overflowing floral arrangements, this style of décor is always sure to be a timeless classic. In this article, we’ll be discussing the ways in which you can craft a stunning garden-inspired wedding look.

Floral Arrangements

The most important part of creating a garden-inspired look is undeniably the floral arrangements. Head to your local florist to arrange for an abundance of fresh blooms. Whether you go for roses, carnations, daisies, or a mixture of kinds, when it comes to garden-themed weddings, there is no such thing as too much. Once you have your bouquets, there are so many things you can do with them! Hang them in rows around your reception venue in order to create a beautiful, blooming backdrop, or scatter them across tables and chairs.

String Lights and Candles

One of the best things about hosting a garden-themed event is that – depending on the size of your venue – there can be so many places to hang string lights and place candles. If your venue allows, hanging strings of lights and tealights along pathways can really give your wedding an ethereal, enchanted garden feel. Pick out gorgeous glass lanterns to place around your dance floor and tables for a truly exquisite look.

Green Foliage

When it comes to creating the perfect garden-inspired look, it’s all about playing up the natural elements. Utilize green foliage to really give your venue that garden feel; you can hang vines and ivy in doorways and alongside the décor, or wrap it around tables for a lovely, leafy touch. If you’re feeling really creative, why not create a vivid, green maze to transport your guests into their own personal garden paradise.

Garden Games

Adding a few fun, interactive elements to your wedding is a great idea for any theme. When it comes to garden-themed weddings, there are so many games to choose from! Whether it’s trying to hook a rubber duck from a fishing pond or taking part in a classic game of croquet, there is sure to be something fun for your guests to get involved in. Add a little competitive spirit to your garden-inspired day.

Garden-Inspired Food

Finishing off your stunning garden-themed wedding shouldn’t be left to the food. Put a twist on traditional dishes – if you usually serve roast beef, why not serve a succulent, herb-crusted rack of lamb or a delicious, garden-fresh salad instead? Of course, don’t forget the extra details when it comes to cutlery, table-settings, and napkins – make sure everything is exuding a garden feel.

Creating a garden-inspired wedding look can be made into a truly magical day – and with the right elements in place, no two garden-themed weddings will ever be the same. Start planning your unique look today!