Enchanting Elegance: DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

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Are you getting married soon and trying to find ways to make your wedding décor elegant and beautiful? Well, you don’t have to dish out large amounts of money to have a stunning looking venue! Making your own decorations for your wedding party can be less costly and IMMENSELY satisfying!

Create the Boho Wedding Look

If you’re looking for a boho look, you can DIY lots of show-stopping decorations. Outsized paper flowers, big foliage and lots of colourful streamers and fabrics will do the trick. Get creative with it – you’ll need:

  • Coloured paper
  • Assorted fabrics
  • Foliage or large artificial flowers

The paper flowers need not be very fancy, a few simple shapes cut from coloured paper and glued together. If you’ve got some artistic friends, get them to get involved in designing flower decals. These can be stuck onto large balloons or even on the walls.

Add a Rustic Touch

If you’re going for a rustic look, you can find several ideas online for DIY projects. Here are a few rustic decorations you can make at home:

  • Wooden picture frames with photos of the couple
  • Mason jars with coloured lights or decorative stones
  • Decorative wood slices or tree branches

Gather up the decoration material and start crafting. Then once you’re done, hang them around the venue or create a small table for display.

More is More!

If you want lots of colour and texture look no further than your local craft shop. There you can find fridge magnets, ribbons, assorted glitter paper and fabrics, sequins, lace applique. The possibilities are endless.

Create stunning decorations that will dazzle the guests. For example, you can use gold and magenta fabrics to create a large wall backdrop with frills and laces. Or use tea lights and beads to make lovely centrepieces.

Saying it with Words

Don’t forget to get imaginative with the words – you can add a personal touch to your wedding décor simply by printing your heartfelt messages. Put them up in picture frames, make messages in giant cardboards and if you’re tech-savvy you can even project them onto the walls.

The End Result

Having a DIY wedding doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be scavenging Pinterest all night. Get creative, have fun and you’ll be able to create lasting memories and many wonderful decorations for your special day.

Good luck!